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Fools Garden




Fools Garden is a German musical group, formed in 1991 under the name Fool’s Garden, comprising singer Peter Freudenthaler, guitarist Volker Hinkel, bassist Thomas Mangold, keyboardist Roland Röhl and drummer Ralf Wochele. They debuted in 1991 with the eponymous album Fool’s Garden (where the band was essentially formed by Freudenthaler and Hinkel with additional musicians), while the proper first album which saw the complete band was Once in a Blue Moon (1993). Two years later Fool’s Garden issued their third album Dish of the Day, scoring a European and Asian chart hit with "Lemon Tree". The re-issued track peaked at #26 in the UK Singles Chart in August 1996.


The band has taken the habit of covering rock and roll songs during live performances (The Beatles’ "Ticket to Ride» or The Who’s "My Generation"). Fools Garden’s interest in British music is such that cover versions of The Beatles’s songs «Cry Baby Cry» and "Martha My Dear" appeared on their studio albums.


The band released a greatest hits compilation album in October 2009. The album, High Times, contained fifteen songs including a brand new song, "High Time", and some of the well-known hits re-recorded with the new band ("Lemon Tree", "Wild Days", "Suzy").


The latest album "Who Is Jo King?" was released in October 2012.




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