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Kazakhstan to play at “Art-football”-2014 01.04.2014 00:00

 Kazakhstan represented by the FC “Alatau” artistic team will play at the IV International “Art-football” festival which will take place in Moscow on May 23 – June 1.

Yuri Davydov, organizer of the festival and president of the FC “Starco” artistic team, and Galymzhan Arystanbekuly, head of FC “Alatau”, reached an agreement about Kazakhstan’s participation at the talks that were held in Alma-Ata yesterday.

Also a friendly game between “Alatau” and “Rosich-Starco” will be played on May 4 at the Central stadium in Alma-Ata under the slogan “Friendship of Peoples”.

The FC “Alatau” was founded in 2004.

16 teams from Europe, Asia and Latin America will play at the IV “Art-football” festival.

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