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«Starco» will still hit «Stamford Bridge» 18.05.2013 01:54

«Starco» will still hit «Stamford Bridge»


The game on the legendary “Chelsea” stadium will absolutely take place


In the light of the upcoming world football championship among artists in Moscow, another rather significant event has slightly been out of track. On June 2d Russia capital’s stadiums will see the impetuous competition for the “Art-football” World cup. Meanwhile the owner of the London “Chelsea” Roman Abramovich has agreed to provide the «Stamford Bridge» stadium to hold another “Russia-England” charity game.


First thing first – the match will take place. The “Starco” management made the announcement on art-football.ru:


The English team is visiting Moscow for “Art-football” in June, while our game on the legendary “Chelsea” stadium will certainly be played a bit later. We don not refuse that idea and will inform the public about the new game date as soon as it will be determined. Our English partners have been very understanding about the date change. It’s worth mentioning that our idea to play the charity match on the Stamford Bridge stadium to collect donations for the critically ill children of Great Britain has been stirringly supported by many charitable organizations in England. The Ambassador of Great Britain in Russia is implementing his personal efforts to make the event happen”.

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