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Andrey Emanov: “Keeping an eye on professionals among rivals” 24.05.2013 15:41

Andrey Emanov: “Keeping an eye on professionals among rivals”



Russia’s team main coach speaks about trainings for the world championship


Once the owner of the Moscow “Spartak” Leonid Fedun made a rather sudden statement: in football a coach does not bring more than 10% of the overall team success. Many years have passed, but the white-and-red boss is still remembered for these careless words.

“Starco” certainly has a different attitude towards the coach. Andrey Emanov may not have the most mediocre trainees, but the discipline is harsh. Which has proven to bring benefits – Russia’s team already holds the champions title.


As I begin my talk with Andrey Emanov, the coach of the current world champions:


— Excuse me, I don’t know your middle name…

— It’s Aleksandrovich. But you may just call me Andrey. The players also refer to me differently – some say Andrey Aleksandrovich, some say Andrey. That doesn’t affect the game discipline.


Showcasing the coach’s words, Russia’s team member originally from Cameroon, the beaming Pierre Narcis, asks Emanov: “Dad! What uniform are we wearing today?”.


— Andrey Aleksandrovich, what is the peculiarity of your team’s training for “Art-football”? 

— None specifically. As a coach I first and foremost must take into account the variety of personalities in the group. Artists are not footballers. As a start I need to estimate what kind of players they are, only then should I make any plans for the game.


— No doubt artists are peculiar people. They must all be striving to attack and score goals, aren’t they?

— We don’t have any troubles with the discipline. Players stick to the positions their coach assigns them to.


— If some of them don’t make the cut into the team, do they understand the reasoning?

— We have never had such issues. No one has ever quarreled or argued if he didn’t get to play or played at some other position.


— What is your main coaching objective?

— The “Starco” team is 21 years old, we already have certain experience and traditions. Some players have been with the team from the very beginning, some have joined recently.


— Do you assign the players their positions basing on a strict game scheme? 

— Of course not. They are not professional players, so I watch each of them and analyze where they could benefit the game the most. We have the opportunity to make reverse replacements. In real football a mistake in team composition can be fatal, but here I always have the chance to rotate, change or make suggestions.


— The easiest way for unprofessional players is to train them the standard positions. 

— I agree. We pay attention to that, although can’t say it’s our strategy. We have our own ideas. In the first place we’ll be challenging our opponents with combinations.


— Will you glance over the rivals before the games?

— Certainly. I’m curious about it. Looking forward to see the Brazilians, the English, the Japanese. And make some notes too.


— Can you easily estimate which of the opponents are professional players and which are not?

— Absolutely. For example, in my opinion last year at the world championship more than half of the Brazilian team consisted of professional players. The Romanian team had 8 or 9 of professionals too. But this year we are seriously watching that criteria.

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