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The secret weapons of Britain, the morale of the Argentine “gauchos”, the secrets from Romania and the Italian paparazzi — all that this “Art-football” week was remembered for! 04.02.2018 20:31


Preparing of “Art-football” teams for the upcoming World Football Championship among artists of 2018 was the main topic of the news of the outgoing week. What surprises to expect from the guests of the festival? We tell in order in our weekly digest!



Secret weapons of the United Kingdom

No one is born a champion. That's why all art-footballers try to maintain a sporting spirit and improve their skills. The “Most Valuable Player of ‘Art-football’-2017” Roddy Lemba (Great Britain) stands for the Barkingside F.C. in the the English Essex Senior League, and he does it very successfully!
In a recent guest match against the Tower Hamlets F.C., Roddy scored a hat-trick and led his team to a confident victory. Own emotions art-footballer shared in Instagram:
— Great 3:1 win last night against Tower Hamlets, scoring all 3 goals. Could of ended badly for me when the keeper completely knocked me out after scoring my hat-trick but thankfully I’m all good!
We wish Roddy good health and beautiful goals, and also look forward to the UK national team at the “Art-Football”-2018!
The fighting spirit of the Argentine “gauchos”
Footballers of the Argentine national team among artists are the real “gauchos”, ready to give all the forces for the colors of the native flag on “Art Football”-2018! In their motivating video, La Albicelestes talk about the previous Football and music festival and demonstrate a fighting spirit for the upcoming world championship among artists.
“That's how it all went in Russia in 2017. And this year we are ready to give up our lives for colors again!” — says the signature announcing the clip.
The heroes of the video — former athletes Pablo Aimar and Serafin Dengra — agree with this and state that “Argentina has the best team ready to fight, because the World Cup is a very important event that will remain in your memory for many years”.
We wish the Argentine national team success in “Art Football” and look forward to meeting!
Estaremos muy felices de ver nuestros queridos amigos de Argentina en el campeonato!
Secrets of football from Romania
Romanian art-footballers improve the technique of working with the ball! So, on January 27 in Galati city our friends had a friendly mini-football match with the former professional football players and shot about this video report, which we suggest you to see
TV reportage about “Art-football” from Italy
“Art-football” through the eyes of the Italian team! Our guests from the Apennine peninsula prepared a real TV show about their participation in the 2017 festival.
Interview with the players, reviews of highlights, shots from performances — this is only a small part of what is included in the story!
By the way, if you know the Italian language, this clip will be even more interesting, because the original is always better than the translation ;)
Sportivo, musicale, luminoso e dinamico! È solo un fantastico reportage sul festival dei nostri amici Italiani — Nazionale Artisti TV!
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See you soon.
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