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February 23 comes and goes, and “Art-football” continues 26.02.2018 19:33


“Art-football” does not stop even during the holidays! Therefore, we suggest you start a new week with the news of our festival, traditionally collected in one convenient digest. Let's go!



Defender of the Fatherland Day


“Art-football” did not stay aside and congratulated all men on February 23. On this holiday we wished them battles only on the sports grounds, bright victories and the same brotherhood as we have at our festival!



I'm you, you're me


Stars of art-football teams of Russia and Kazakhstan presented to us another cool video! Irakli and Abdulkarim Karimov sang “I'm you” with the audience of fans. And who sang, and who sang along — this is a big question. We are waiting for our artists and their fans at the festival “Art-football”, let's light together!




Paraguayan aesthetics



Paraguayan art-football player Joaco Serrano is just as photoblogger: look at this great picture! We are happy to see our participants love sports, details and “Art-Football”!


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See you soon.

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