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Festival “Art-football” is officially opened 25.05.2018 23:43

On May 25, the solemn opening ceremony of the football and music festival Art-Football took place on the main stage in the territory of the Lokomotiv stadium.
This Friday evening the start was given only to the musical component, and even the first competitive concert of the team of Romania was held. On Saturday, the guests will also receive a no less significant event — the launch of the VIII World Football Championship among artists.
At the opening of the festival participants and spectators were welcomed by the host of the evening the Soviet and Russian singer, producer and composer Alexander Shevchenko:
— Today Moscow, on behalf of the whole of Russia, welcomes and greets participants of our music and sports festival with all its breadth and warmth! To participate in this enchanting celebration, we were visited by star teams of artists from 16 countries and three continents!
Later on the stage there were honorable guests, partners and organizers of the festival.
Vice-President of the Russian Football Union Sergei Vyacheslavovich Anokhin:
— I am happy to welcome all the players participating in the competition on behalf of the Russian Football Union, as well as all the spectators gathered. I express my great gratitude to the permanent president of "Art-football" Yuri Davydov and the team of organizers and I wish the Russian national team success in football among the artists and, finally, the football team of our country at the upcoming World Cup!
Executive Director of the football club “Lokomotiv” Alexei Alexandrovich Kirichek:
— On behalf of FC Lokomotiv and our shareholder - the company Russian Railways, which is also the sponsor of the festival, I am pleased to welcome you to this event. We are glad that our platform once again became a venue for both sports competitions and musical reviews of artists from all over the world.
President of the football and music festival “Art-football” Yuri Nikolaevich Davydov:
— Friends, today" Art-football "is no longer a fantasy, it's a tradition. I am proud that "Art-football" was invented and made in Russia. I am proud that every year you throw shooting, records, performances, concerts and come to us. I am proud that you bring here the warmth of your hearts and countries and take home our Russian warmth. I hope that this year's festival will be the best in the whole history, and its follower is better than its predecessor.
This year many teams as a greeting performed the author's compositions dedicated to “Art Football”. Ahead of the participants waiting for the stage championship, during which they compete in the ability to light the crowd. The music program of the festival will be held on the concert site of the stadium “Lokomotiv” from May 25 to June 3. Every day, several participating countries, free of sports competitions, will present their national musical programs to the audience. After the festival the competent international jury will name the winners in several nominations.
The main prize will be the Best National Music Show.
Also in this nomination there are diplomas of the 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd degrees.
Nomination Goal+Hit.
The winner in this category will be the participant who scored the largest number of goals in the football tournament and performed the best musical number on the stage.
Nomination For the best song.
The best solo artist and the best music group will be awarded with individual prizes of three merits (gold, silver and bronze).
The best instrumentalist will receive a prize from the jury.
The winner will be determined in the nomination, which is called Best Original Number. Here, from the participants are waiting for a special creative.
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