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Rojas Benja: “Argentina belongs to ‘Art-football’ with all seriousness!” 27.05.2018 16:32

The well-known Argentine actor and musician Rojas Benja told the correspondent of “Art-Football” about the preparations for the World Football Championship among artists and shared his emotions from being in Moscow:
— I, like all Argentines, feel fine in Russia. We treat “Art-football” and its competitive part with all seriousness. To the football tournament, we have been preparing since January, conducting weekly heavy workouts. To competitive concerts — rehearsing with great musicians. We saw that even Lionel Messiah wished us good luck. It's great!
At the VIII World Football Championship among artists, the Argentina national team performs in the qualifying group B. Its rivals are the teams of Romania, Peru and Italy. May 27, Argentina beat Italy with a score of 4:2.
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