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Playoff draw 14.06.2019 11:55


Yesterday night there was a draw ceremony for semifinal pairs in all divisions of the 9th World Cup among artists. Recall that after the group stage is completed, teams are divided into 4 groups in accordance with the occupied places: the first places are Absolute Stars, the second places are Super Stars, the third places are All Stars and the fourth places are Stars Forever. And the draw determines who plays with whom.


Before the ceremony, the organizers drafted another lot. He defined the first and second place winners in Group C. In this four, an unusual situation developed: 3 teams immediately shared the first place with the same number of points. In this case, apply the tournament regulations, which reads as follows:



3.4.3. When two or more teams have equal scores, team placing in groups shall be determined based on the following indicators in the below order:

— the largest number of wins; 

— the results of a game/games against each other; 

— the highest difference between the goals scored and the balls missed;

— the largest number of goals scored.

3.4.4. If all of the above indicators are absolutely equal, team placing shall be determined by draw.



In terms of the number of wins and the results of the games, the teams were equal. By the difference of goals scored and missed, Belarus fell to third place, while Argentina and Paraguay retained the status quo as well as by the number of goals scored. As a result, a draw was held and Argentina won first place, and Paraguay — second.


The final schedule of semifinal matches of all divisions according to the results of the draw:



June 14:


15:00, field number 6 | Germany Inter — Kyrgyzstan (Stars Forever)


17:00, field number 6 | Hungary — Argentina (Absolute Stars)


18:00, Sapsan Arena | Russia — Iran (Absolute Stars)


19:30, Sapsan Arena | Turkey — Korea (Stars Forever)



June 15:


15:00, field number 6 | United Kingdom — Israel (All Stars)


17:00, field number 6 | Belarus — Serbia (All Stars)


18:00, Sapsan Arena | Netherlands — Paraguay (Super Stars)


19:30, Sapsan Arena | Slovenia — Peru (Super Stars)

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