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Ticket system of football-musical Festival “Art-football” games and concerts attendance 27.04.2013 03:38

Ticket system of football-musical Festival “Art-football” games and concerts attendance.


As previously mentioned, there will be free entrance for all the Festival events. Thereby regarding the charitable nature of the event and necessity of fundraising for Cerebral Palsy ill children, we hope that each visitor will be able to donate a small amount (100 rubles at the matches and concerts) into a special boxes installed at the entrance. Those who wouldn’t wish to donate this money will be welcomed as well, however they will have to negotiate to their conscience.


Moreover for those who would make a significant donation there will be organized special lodges at the stands of stadiums and the Green Theater in the Gorky Park (Stas Namin Theater). You may make this donation either by transferring at least 10000 rubles to the fund “Under the Flag of Kindness!” account or by donating 1000 rubles at the entrance. In this case we issue a special Campaign Participant Ticket giving you the pass into these lodges at all the Festival events or a one-time invitation.


Also we provide VIP tickets for all the Festival events in the special zone for those who transferred at least 25000 rubles to the fund account.


We rejected the traditional way of ticket sales intentionally. We want our respected spectators also representing participants of the charitable campaign to perform donations voluntarily and with their own hands. For that is the best and the straightest way!

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