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Ghedina and Branco to play catenaccio in Moscow 15.05.2014 00:00

A former alpine skier and a boxer will come to the IV Artists’ World Cup with the squadra adzurra.

Kristian Ghedina, one of the most successful alpine skiers in the history (13 victories in the World Cup, 2 silver medals at World championships), will play as defender for the Italian artistic team at the “Art-football” festival.

A European boxing champion Gianluca Branco (44 victories in 48 fights with 22 ko) will be his partner in the back.
Italy will also line-up Dario Marcolin, midfielder (“Lazio”, “Genoa”, “Sampdoria” and “Napoli”), and Nicola Zanone, striker (“Udinese”, “Sampdoria” and “Perugia”) from Serie A.

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