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“Art-football”-2014 Best XI team 05.06.2014 16:21

“Art-football”-2014 Best XI team

The Best XI team of the IV Artists’ World Cup composed by expert jury of art-football.ru include players from 8 countries.

Russia has the biggest representation with 3 players, Romania – 2 and Israel, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Slovakia – 1.

Symbolic “Art-football” Best XI team

Goalkeeper: Adrian Robu (actor, Romania);

Defenders: Anton Kuznetsov (actor, Russia), Aki Avni (actor, Israel), Leo Ihenacho (actor, Great Britain), Mario Pavkovic (dancer, Germany);

Midfielders: Pavel Ivanov (singer, Russia), Andrei Stefanescu (singer, Romania), Jan Durovcik (singer, Slovakia);

Forwards: Marcio Kieling (actor, Brazil), Mario Vivio (actor, Italy), Timur Yefremenkov (actor, Russia).


Foto: Romanian Andrei Stefanescu (centre), the best "Art-football" midfielder.

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