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Natalya Davydova: “We aim to help all the children” 30.05.2013 11:49

Natalya Davydova: “We aim to help all the children”



Chairman of the board of NPCF “Under the Flag of Kindness!” talks about “Art-football” organization flow


Battles at the football field, kilotons of sound and fun, dialogues, reunions with old friends and new friendships – this will all be fountaning at the “Art-football” world football championship among artists starting on June 2d. But as always the key figures are neither the artists or footballers, nor the fans and audience of the tens of matches and hundreds of music performances. The main figures are the children whose parents will receive personalized medical certificates at the day of the Festival’s closing ceremony on June 12th. Natalya DAVYDOVA, the chairman of the board of NPCF “Under the Flag of Kindness!” told us about the “Art-football” organization flow.


— Football and music are the universal mankind means of communication connecting people from all around the world. The prevailing excitement on the football field and on stage multiplies when like-minded people get together for the “Art-football” in Moscow. More importantly, both the participants and the audience have one common purpose of helping children.

Charity has always been in our mentality. Today we are experiencing the rise of charity missions and funds, it is widely discussed and spoken of. Nevertheless it is not enough to carry these good intentions, we ought to properly bring them to life. In that matter it is vitally important to collaborate with governmental healthcare institutes, requiring systematic medical care provision.

The “Under the Flag of Kindness” fund has developed such system back in 2005. As soon as we have held the first football game, there has been determined the system of direct aid transfer which has established the way we work today. Specialists from the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation have brought a great impact into this.


— “Art-football” represents a world-scale event.

— We hold the All-Russia mission annually. But this scope is much more impressive. A great number of participants and guests will come for the “Art-football”, all of them know that we help critically ill children. All children.

It’s a pleasure to see how highly our work and scale is appreciated by our colleagues. Many British (and other) charity funds have expressed their admiration. The World Healthcare Organization has emphasized the level of our activities. We are happy to know that our worthy efforts find respect in the professional field.


— Is it possible to help everyone?

— The idea is to not just support a certain group of children, but to try to help them all. We cooperate with many specialists of the pediatric medicine, are aware of the current problems and understand how to solve them. We work with various clinics and don’t leave such sectors as endocrinology, cardio surgery and genetics (for children with rare diseases) behind. It is crucial to help victims of disasters and accidents. Also seniors in charge of maintaining seriously ill children need guidance. Many old people don’t come to know the particulars in documentation and overly expensive medication.

Orphans are another special group. We collaborate with 9 orphanages for children under the age of 5 and many orphanages for older children in the Moscow region. Before they turn 3 years old, these children are under the custody of public health authorities and can count on time-wise help, because doctors know exactly how to treat them. Growing older these children become the responsibility of the social services and continue receiving medication depending on their place of residence. Specialists of our fund together with doctors make sure that the kids receive specifically what they need. This in particular regards high-end treatment.


— In the many years of its existence the Fund must have acquired permanent partners, hasn’t it?

— Many Russian companies have been supporting “Under the Flag of Kindness!” missions year after year. Not only that they transfer money for children’s treatment, but also help implement new charity projects. We are deeply thankful to our partners, because their charitable contributions are not as visible as they deserve to be. It is necessary to care and remember about those in need. The strive for helping and urge towards supporting the weak and defenseless are the indicators of a deliberate society.

The mass media carries an extremely significant role. People must know how charity organizations function and how to reach out to them. In the moments of despair it is important to know how to receive help. Unfortunately not everyone knows about the institutes they can rely on. Especially when things come down to an impossible to be paid independently expensive treatment. When in stress, sometimes parents can’t come to their senses and think rationally. That is why the healthcare structure requires a united patient-oriented system.

It’s great to know that the Ministry of Health has opened a section in their website that navigates the algorithm in such cases. For the first step is to get oriented on where and who to ask for help. The same Ministry holds a peculiar group of employees who keep a constant contact with the public organizations and conducts continuous work with the patients, in particular – children. 

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