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Fettih and Gem played for “Rosich-Starco” 21.04.2015 11:00

“Rosich-Starco” united team of musicians, singers, businessmen and politicians bit the Circus team 7:2 in a friendly game dedicated to the Circus World Day.

11 candidates to the Russia art-football squad took part in the match with “Rosich-Starco” while Edgard Zapashny, famous tamer, played for Circus team.

Yuri Davydov, “Art-football” organizer and Russia’s goalkeeper, was slightly injured and replaced by Joseph Fettih from Germany. Deniz Cem fror Turkey also played for Russia in the second half.


Friendly game
Rosich-Starco – Circus team - 7:2 (4:1)

Goals for “Rosich-Starco”: Plutnik - 3, Melnik – 2, Belotserkovsky - 1, Silchenko - 1.

Rosich-Starco (starting line-up): Davydov, Vikulov, Usmanov, Bogomazov, Silchenko, S.Yemanov, Narcisse, Ivanov, Belotserkovsky, Dvorkovich, Plutnik.
Substitutes: Semashko, Melnik, Aleshkin, Kasparov, Cem, Fettih.

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