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Great Britain drew against world champions 07.06.2015 09:48

The UK3Lions sensationally drew 0:0 against world champions Romania in their first group A match on Saturday.

The British players (12th place at “Art-football”-2014) did not show traces of fear when playing against reigning title holders. The struggle will be tough in the “group of death” where the Netherlands who easily bit the team of Slovakia (5:0) are considered now as favorites.

In group C Russia came back from 0:1 after 10 minutes to beat Italy with a comfortable score 4:1. Slovenia, guided by Slavisa Stojanovic, ex-chief coach of Slovenia national team, did not let a chance to Estonia scoring 6 goals.

Tomorrow Romania play the Netherlands and Russia meet Slovenia in key group matches at Lokomotiv stadium. The other games are Great Britain – Slovakia and Italy – Estonia.

Vth Artists’ World Championship. June 6. Results

Group A

Great Britain – Romania – 0:0


Netherlands – Slovakia – 5:0 (3:0)
Goals: Dias Lima (2), Vyent, Roedoe, Salomao.

Teams positions: Netherlands – 3 points, Great Britain – 1, Romania – 1, Slovakia – 0.


Group C

Estonia – Slovenia – 0:6 (0:2)

Goals: Toplak (2), Korosec, Todosovski, Matjasic, Dvorsak.


Russia – Italy – 4:1 (1:1)
Goals: Yefremenkov, Silchenko, Makhmutov, Bulatov – Vivio.

Teams positions: Slovenia – 3, Russia – 3, Italy – 0, Estonia – 0.

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