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Two goals were not enough for Japan to bit Belorus 08.06.2015 11:23

Belorus came back from 0:2 to bit Japan in a last-5-minutes thriller in group D.

Japan with no professional players controlled the game 65 minutes having scored two rightfull goals, the second one with a powerfull kick from 25 metres by Kentaro “Maradona” Kata.

But everything changed in the last 5 minutes when the Belorus players guided by Andrei Lavrik and Victor Ledenev, former professionals, could score 3 goals in a row amid sudden general panic in Japanese defence.

Also in group D Israel made a first step to the world title having beat Turkey in a tough game despite big score. After goalless first half on Lokomotiv stadium Oved Kraus, Israeli coach, had to make a few substitutions and did right. The goals did not look very spectacular but was a result of constant Israeli pressure on Turkish defence. Han Mansouri, centre forward, was the man of the match while Abbas Swan, former Israeli national team midfielder, did a great work from box to box.

In group B Korea sensationally drew against Germany and the dark horse Kirghizistan also withstood under Kazakhstan’s pressure.


Vth Artists’ World Championship. June 7. Results

Group B

Kirghizistan – Kazakhstan – 2:2

Germany – Korea – 1:1 (0:0)

Goals: Ismail - Park Shinwoo

Teams positions: Kazakhstan – 1, Kirghizistan – 1, Germany – 1, Korea – 1.


Group D

Belorus – Japan – 3:2 (0:2)
Goals: Smolski, Yarovenko, Antipov – Morikava, Kata.


Israel – Turkey – 4:0 (0:0)
Goals: Metzliah, Mansouri, Demos, Atias.

Teams positions: Israel – 3, Belorus – 3, Japan – 0, Turkey – 0.

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