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Team Paraguay is actively preparing for the “Art-football” 01.06.2017 14:01

Team Paraguay is actively preparing for the “Art-football”

As you know, The Football and Music Festival “Art-football” is an event that unites not only amateurs and even ex-professionals from the world of the most popular ball game. It is a festival of sport and art, which participants are the brightest talents: artists, singers, cultural and political figures, sportsmen.


That's why the preparation of the teams for the VII Artists World Championship  takes place in a special way. So, the national team of Paraguay in the run-up to the start of “Art Football” arranged a home concert for its fans. There was the same singers performed on the stage, which will very soon please Moscow guests in the territory of the stadium “Lokomotiv” in Cherkizovo.


Special attention was drawn to the poster of this concert, everything is originally in it: both design work and text.



We are looking forward to the arrival of these hot Latin American musicians to our festival, but for now we've managed to “peek” behind the training performance of the artists in the Paraguayan pub.



Remind you that the team from Paraguay in the group stage of the VII Artists World Football Championship will play matches with the national teams of the Netherlands, Hungary and the United Kingdom.


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