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3rd game day — results 05.06.2017 21:45

Dear friends, we invite you to actively follow the progress of the VII Artists' World Football Championship “Art-football”!

In order to free access to the stands of the Small Sports Arena “Lokomotiv” and to imbue with the atmosphere of these international matches, it is enough just to download the ticket and print it.

Also you can watch online broadcasts of games that are always available to you on the site.


In the framework of groups A and D, the following meetings were played:

Group A:

Estonia 1:4 Poland


Goals of Estonia:

— №26 Reunov Rait, 59′

Goals of Poland

— №28 Patrick Cherkaevski, 25′, 29′, 48′

— №33 Mariusz Radushevski, 53′

Russia 1:0 South Korea


Goals of Russia:

— №4 Rostislav Hait, 21′

Group D:

Slovenia 1:2 Serbia


Goals of Slovenia:

— №13 Bojan Zriko, 12′

— №5 Alesha Debevets, 37′ (autogoal)

Goals of Serbia:

— №20 Marko Djurovski, 56′

Israel 1:1 Italy


Goals of Israel:

— №28 Hellette Guy, 30′

Goals of Italy:

— №8 Emanuele Filippini, 35′

Stay tunned!

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