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Russia is ready for the game with South Korea 05.06.2017 19:09


Football players of the Russian national team meet with the Korean team in the framework of the 2nd round of the group stage of the VII Artists' World Football Championship (Football and Music Festival “Art-football”) today evening. According to the captain of the national team and the president of the football club “Starko” Yuri Davydov, Russian players understand the strength of their rivals and are ready to fight for victory until the last seconds of the match.


The squad of the team has increased this year due to the legendary Russian football player, ex-captain of the Moscow “Locomotiv” Dmitry Loskov, whose confident actions in particular determined the outcome of the first game of our team in the tournament.

The debut match for Russia against the Estonia brought the team a lot of benefit: the players worked out a combinational game, including that built around the playmaker Loskov, the forwards and half-backs set the scoring chances, and goalkeeper Yuri Davydov set a new record, keeping his goal intact for 48 minutes. Finally the match ended with a score of 12:0.

The impressive scoring series of the Russian players was especially remembered in this game. So, the actor of the theater and cinema Igor Silchenko designed “poker” already in the first half, Pavel Ivanov, the soloist of the Moscow Operetta Theater and the Moscow Musical Theater, supported the actor by a double, and in the second half of the meeting the hat-trick of figure skating sports master Alexander Nikolaev took place.

It is gratifying that the balls into the net of the Estonian goalkeeper flew in after the positional attacks, and after the sheds on the head of the attackers, and after the thin penetrating passes, which Dmitry Loskov and Arkady Dvorkovich especially remembered.

In a recent interview with the press service of “Art-Football” Yuri Davydov said that a major victory in the first round allowed his team to get rid of pre-start excitement and feel self-reliance. This is very important, because the South Korean team and the team of Poland are experienced and extremely uncompromising collectives, who in a duel with each other demonstrated an evil game in a sport, where the winner was determined only at the end of the meeting.


Recall that the Russian team will meet with the South Korean team today, June 5, in the field of the Small Sports Arena “Locomotiv”. The match will start at 20:00 of Moscow time. We invite all fans and fans of football to support Russian players in the stands (for this you need to print a free ticket, available for download on our website) or cheer for Russia at the screens, including a live broadcast of the match.

Come on, Russia!

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