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Rostislav Hait: “Firstly, we're going to enter semifinale” 06.06.2017 20:06


The victorious match of the Russian national team against the South Korean team brought both players and fans a lot of positive emotions. On this wave, the press service of “Art-football” told with the hero of this meeting, the author of the winning goal at the gate of the Koreans, the participant of the famous “Quartet I” Rostislav Hait.

Congratulations on your goal! Tell us about your emotions after the game.

Emotions ... Feeling of deep satisfaction! Seriously, we've just won the hardest match, we played worse. The Koreans were sharper, and there were many moments. We also had, but the opponent pressed more. We were looking for chances in counterattacks and one was found.

Your goal came out beautiful. It seemed that the blow was aimed. Have you done as you wanted?

Yes, that's what I wanted. On experience, that is called! Put the ball in the far corner.

Who would you like to play in the final?

What a finale, wait, we would like to enter to the semi-finals for a start!

Here we can only wish good luck! By the way, football is not just a sport, it's a spectacle. He is often compared to a performance. Do you feel on the field that you are an actor? Or is it all fading into the background?

No, these are completely different things and completely different emotions, believe me.

Now Russia is preparing to host the main World Cup, do you watch how the country prepares for the tournament, and how do you assess this willingness?

First of all, I follow the team itself, for how it prepares for the tournament. I'm very root for the Russian team. The Confederations Cup is less important, and the World Cup is the most important thing!

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