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6th game day — results 08.06.2017 21:25

Dear friends, we invite you to actively follow the progress of the VII Artists' World Football Championship “Art-football”!

In order to free access to the stands of the Small Sports Arena “Lokomotiv” and to imbue with the atmosphere of these international matches, it is enough just to download the ticket and print it.

Also you can watch online broadcasts of games that are always available to you on the site.



Today's matches:


Group B:


Hungary 2:1 Netherlands

Throughout the group stage the Dutch team looked very strong team. The team consists of many strong and stately players, the attacking style is professed, and the uniform reminds of the “flying Dutchmen” who so passionately took out Spain at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil ...

However, Fortuna turned away from the orange and now, in a duel with the Hungarians, the Netherlands is losing again. Not on the game, but on the score. It remains only to hope that in the playoffs the team will get together and achieve the maximum result.


United Kingdom 1:1 Paraguay

Fans of Paraguay find reasons for the outrage of the results of their team in everything except the game itself. Nevertheless, Latin Americans are fighting hard in every fight. Today's meeting with one of the strongest team at the tournament is a confirmation.

The teams got a match, which deserves to be revised in the record. If something is already clear about the participants of the ”Art Football”, it is that Paraguay is one of the strongest teams in the championship.


Group C:


Turkey 4:6 Argentina

Turkey and Argentina scored a lot of goals. Quite lazy playing in this tournament, the Turks in this fight quite confidently rushed forward, and the main striking force — striker Mustafa Kochabey — continually strained the goalkeeper of the Argentines.

But to score to Argentina more than they do to you, could either Brazil or Germany (if you understand the hint).


Romania 2:4 Kazakhstan

Finally, the most interesting match. Match of the day. A match in which again two football teams played very real football. Kazakhs, led by their fans, showed high-class football, and their goals could decorate any hit parade. The Romanians are very technical and intelligent. There was a battle for the first place by the way.

As a result, both teams had chances to win, but the team from Kazakhstan had more self-confidence. Their result is 4 against 2.

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