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Russia will play with the UK in the semifinals on June 10 09.06.2017 17:23


Footballers of the Russian national team which is a participants of the VII Artists' World Football Championship of the Football and Music Festival “Art-football” will play in the semi-final of the Absolute Stars against the team of Great Britain om June 10 at 16:00. In this meeting, teams will find out who will go to contest 1st and 2nd places in the tournament finals, and who — 3rd and 4th in a duel for bronze.


In the last match of the qualifying round the Russian team won the Polish team 2:0 in equal game and became the absolute leader of their group, gaining 9 points out of 9 possible, and also keeping their goal intact. It's interesting that the Russian national team became the only participant of the VII Artists' World Football Championship who didn't miss any ball. The return of Yury Davydov's squad was the biggest number of goals scored — 15.


The achievements of the British team were more modest. During the qualifying phase, this team won only 2 games, and completed one game in a draw. Guests from the “Foggy Albion” score a little: 6 goals in three matches with 3 missed. However, the game of the British looks very harmonious, as befits the ancestors of football.


Given this alignment, we can confidently say that we are waiting for a spectacular semi-final with the participation of two very strong rivals. We invite you to support the Russian national team in the stands of the Small Sports Arena “Lokomotiv” on June 10 at 16:00.

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