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Drawing of trips to the hotel “Imeretinsky” on June 10 09.06.2017 18:47


Dear friends. We remind you that you will be able to try your luck and win a trip to one of the best hotels in Adler — the “Imeretinsky” aparthotel on June 10. On Saturday there will be 2 drawings at once. The first — during the match Russia — Great Britain (the beginning of the match at 16:00), the second — at 21:00 on the main stage of “Art football” before the performance of the group “Uma2rmaH”.


Conditions of participation in the drawing.

And in the break of the final game of the Russian national team in the group stage was also played a trip to “Imeretinsky”. Her owner was Michael, who shared his emotions with us!


Michael, congratulations on your victory! Please tell us about your emotions: did you expect something like this?

Not expected! We just came to watch football, look at how our guys play, took part in the drawing and ... Very suddenly everything happened. I'm shocked!


And how did you learn about “Art-football”?

You know, we follow the football, the way the Russian team plays, and no matter who it is: a football player, an actor or a singer. Football is a big thing!


With whom will you travel?

I have two little girls. They are sitting in the stands (Mikhail waved to someone from the stands).



Come! Take part! Win!

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