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Melville Jimmy Garber: “I feel like there will be a penalty!” 10.06.2017 15:58


In a few minutes before the semifinal match between the national teams of Russia and Great Britain, the press service of “Art-Football” talked with the head of the British team — Jimmy Garber.

The British team is constantly participating in the “Art Football”. How do you think the festival is changing?

Yes, we have been participating in “Art Football” since its foundation. And all this time I’m the head of the team of Great Britain, its creator.

Now it is felt that the festival is developing. Previously, it consisted mainly of a football tournament, a concert program and children's tournaments, and, of course, included charity. This year, new formats appeared: classical music, film screenings. At first, being a constant person, I couldn’t imagine how these ideas are realized in the new season, but when I saw, I realized — it turned out great! The expansion is really successful, it perfectly complements “Art-football”. Yesterday I went to a classical concert in honor of Zurab Sotkilava. It's just a delight. Even my colleagues, artists who play popular music, exclaimed “wow!”.

I can say that the project of Yuri Davydov is growing. Now there are plans to expand “Art-football” to the whole world, and it's coming! I’m very pleased with how this movement develops. Moreover, the Confederations Cup and the World Cup are approaching, and I would like our festival to reach a level comparable with them.

Speaking of the Cups: is it clear how Russia is preparing for these two tournaments?

That's a good question. I feel it more than I see. And I think that Russia needs to strengthen the process of preparation. I even talked with guys and colleagues and said that there were people like us from Great Britain, who understood football and knew Russian sports well. We can be included in the process. Russia is already ready as a country and can organize such important huge tournaments as the World Cup for everyone at a high level.

Despite all the negative news, we’re here and we love Russia! Many of my friends from the UK ask me when it’s still possible to come to Russia. They don’t have enough festival once a year, they want more. Of course there are politicians, but we — people who are engaged in football, music, art — we are one, and we always come for the sake of friendship between nations.

Let's return to “Art-football”. In the course of the tournament, we see that the British team is playing real football, as befits the ancestors of this sport, although this is a team of artists, not professionals. How is your team preparing for the championship?

In fact, we have even such guys with whom we just met at the airport. They are playing for the first time. Unfortunately, there are also those who couldn’t participate because of tours and work, about 6–7 people. However, we have a coach, his name is Lеo, he is a well-known artist in Britain and a very good football player, with whom we were able to create an excellent psychological climate in the team and the confidence that together we can do everything! That's all our secrets: team spirit, psychology and the spirit of football.

Who was the hardest player to play this time?

Let me think ... Good question ... The Netherlands! We beat them with a score of 2: 0, but the game we have with them is very similar. They are strong and fast, they have a high-speed style. Perhaps, I was even afraid of the Dutch in the group stage.

But now we have games for “big guys”: we, Russia, Kazakhstan and Serbia — these teams will determine who is the best. With any of them it will be very difficult.

Of course, it is very interesting, does Britain have a special attitude, a mood for a match with Russia?

It will be a great game. We came to the group Absolute Stars first time, and the team is serious about fighting. The most important is a psychological attitude. Because a person can be physically ready for 100%, but psychologically it is not ready for the task. Then nothing happens. We must believe in ourselves and be ready to live up to the expectations of partners and fans. Therefore, I will hold an additional conversation with the team before the game. But most importantly — we go on the field with joy, with a sense of respect for the opponent. We are good friends with Russia, and winning is not everything. Of course, this is important for us, because we are men, the gene of struggle is in our blood, but the main thing is that it is a good and fair game.

Do you have a chance to predict the score of the Russia-UK match?

I think that the score will be either 1:1 or 2:2. I feel like there will be a penalty. I know that a penalty is a cornerstone for many teams, even for Russia. Even for professional football players: they can draw beautiful goals from the game, and at the most crucial moment to miss from the point. So it's important to concentrate. We'll meet on the field!


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