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Feast of football and music in Moscow, June 12 11.06.2017 17:08


On the Day of Russia (June 12) there will mark the culmination of the Football and Music Festival “Art-Football”. At the central stadium “Lokomotiv” will take place a duel for the bronze medals of the VII Artists' World Football Championship between Russia and Serbia and a gala match between the team “Rosich-Starko” and the World Team. And on the main stage of the festival will perform soloist Deep Purple and Rainbow Joe Lynn Turner and Valery Syutkin.


On Monday, guests of the “Art-football” are waiting for a rich program, which will please all: sports fans and music fans. In addition, each visitor will be able to join the charity movement “Under the flag of Kindness” and make a donation for the treatment of children.


The day will begin with football. On the territory of the Small Sports Arena Lokomotiv, decisive matches will be held from 9am already, and at 11am the game between the national teams of Kazakhstan and Great Britain will begin. It is the final of Absolute Stars, in which the owners of 1-4 seats of the 7th Artists' World Football Championship will be devided. Also, after this fight, the tournament participant will become known, which will secure the title of world champion (see detailed schedule of matches).


Immediately after the final game we will go to the main arena — the central stadium of the Moscow “Lokomotiv” — ​​where at 13:00 the starting whistle of the match for the bronze will be played, in which the Russian and Serbian national teams will meet. Passion in this fight promises to be serious! Friends outside the football field, but strong rivals on it — Russian and Serbian players will fight for an honorable 3rd place in the overall ranking of artistic football teams. This is a match that you need to see for yourself.


At 15:00 a press conference for the media, at which the participants of the Rosich-Starko team and prominent public, political, cultural and sports figures will tell details about the Art-Football festival and answer questions concerning the charity gala match will be held.


Already at 16:00, at the same central stadium, “Lokomotiv”, will begin an equally interesting gala-match between a team of politicians and pop stars “Rosich-Starko” and the artistic World Team. This meeting is held within the charity program of the fund “Under the flag of kindness!”.


In the evening, at 18:00, all guests are invited to the main stage of the festival near the Northern Stand of the central stadium “Lokomotiv”. A solemn closing ceremony of the Football and Music Festival “Art-football” with the participation of special guests — Valery Syutkin and soloist Deep Purple and Rainbow Joe Lynn Turner is waiting for those who came there.


The Festival is supported by the Government of Moscow, the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, the Russian Football Union, FIFA and UEFA. The event is held within the framework of the international charity program “Under the flag of Kindness!”.


To obtain accreditations, please call +7 906 703-47-20 or to pr@art-football.ru (press office of the festival).

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