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“Art-Football” film screenings 2017 14.06.2017 20:18


For the first time within the framework of the festival “Art-Football” a series of film screenings with the participation of star representatives of the teams took place. This year, 6 films were selected for the festival: from Serbia, Italy, Slovenia, Israel, Turkey and Paraguay.


In the course of the week, the best cinemas in Moscow provided a free opportunity for the capital's viewers to get acquainted with the festival cinema, which was not previously represented in the Russian box office. Each show was accompanied by a creative meeting with the director or actor of the film, who had the opportunity to discuss their work with the guests of the festival.


The festival was attended by:


— Director Emir Kusturica (Serbia) with the film “Maradona”

— Actor Aki Avni (Israel) with the film “Black Light”

— Director Carlo Fumo with the documentary ”Director in the World”

— Director Slobodan Maksimovich (Slovenia) with the film “Nika”

— Actor Joaquin Serrano (Paraguay) with the film “Mangore”

— Actor Hakar Merichliler (Turkey) with the film “Angels and Gamblers”

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