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Best players of “Art-Football” Festival 2017 19.06.2017 01:37

Before the presentation of the World Cup of Football among artists, the organizing committee of the festival “Art-football” awarded the best participants with memorable awards. As they say, football is a team game. But in this game, as on the stage, stars always shine. So, we present to your attention the best of the 7th World Football Championship among artists of the Football-Music Festival “Art-football”.


The best goalkeeper — Loki Graham, the national team of Great Britain



The best defender — Ivan Vikulov, the Russian national team.



The best midfielder — Marco Djurowski, the national team of Serbia.



The best striker is Kuanysh Keremkulov, national team of Kazakhstan.



The best scorer — Camilo Roman, the national team of Paraguay.



The most valuable player of the championship — Roddy Lemba, the team of Great Britain.



The most beautiful goal and the most popular hit “Goal+Hit” — Abdulkarim Karimov, the national team of Kazakhstan.

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