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Emir Kusturica, “Art-football” and “Starko” at the “Cup of Goodness” 30.11.2017 17:32


The Serbian film director Emir Kusturica played in a football match against the Moscow Region government for the Russian Stars team “Starko” at the Meteor Stadium in Balashikha. The meeting ended with a score of 8:5 in favor of the Kusturica team.


The match was organized to help a seriously ill child Daniil Yegorov from the city of Ramenskoye and kicked off the charity tournament “Cup of Goodness”, which is part of the programs to help children of the projects “Art-football” and “Under the flag of Kindness!”.


The Moscow Region government team included Roman Teriushkov — the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region, Andrei Razin — the Minister of Agriculture of the Moscow Region, the deputies of, the heads of municipalities.


For the “Starko” played musician Viktor Zinchuk, participant of the show “The Voice” Pavel Ivanov, Romario, the actor of the theater “Satyricon” Anton Kuznetsov, the soloist of the Operetta Theater Ivan Vikulov, the ex-football player of the Russian national team Viktor Bulatov and president of “Art-football” Yuri Davydov.



“With this tournament we join the project ‘Art-football’. Our common goal is to support charity. Sport unites people, and holding such football matches is a good tool to do something useful together, draw attention to the problems and difficulties that many people, especially children, have to cope with alone. There is a task to help, and we will all go together to implement it. We launch a series of charitable football matches that will become traditional. In the future this project can be continued as a regular championship ‘Cup of Goodness’. Thanks to the participation of celebrities, we expect to draw as much attention to the tournament itself and, as a result, enhance the positive effect of such matches!”


— Roman Teriushkov, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region.


The idea of ​​the event is that the participants of the matches make donations to the general fund of the “Cup of Goodness”. The game on November 29 was the beginning of the qualifying stage of this charity tournament. In the period from December this year to May the next qualifying matches will be held in different cities of the Moscow region. The Cup Final will be held on the Children's Day in the summer of 2018.


The goal of the “Cup of Goodness” is to raise funds for the treatment of seriously ill children. The mission is to unite famous artists, public figures and politicians from different countries to draw attention to social problems.


“Charity is very noble. We are happy to join the action, help the family, support. It is very important that people don't stay away from someone else's misfortune. A good idea of ​​the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow region Roman Teriushkov received a great response. Today we play with great pleasure, as this will be of great benefit...”


— Emir Kusturica, director and musician.


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