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Matches are held in any weather! 15.12.2017 18:18


Matches are held in any weather! On December 13, the friendly game “Starko” — “Rosich” was held. The match was dedicated not only to the completion of the football season 2017, but also to the 25th anniversary of the Russian Government team!
Before the game the teams exchanged warm greetings, and the captain of “Starko” Yuri Davydov presented the captain of “Rosich” Arkady Dvorkovich with a memorable cup. By the way, the jubilee gained the upper hand in this meeting, beating “Starko” 2:5, although the game was equal and passed on the oncoming courses.
This match was not limited to an interesting game: after the meeting we talked with the main characters and asked their opinion about the status of the teams, the winter football and the upcoming world championships. Yuri Davydov was in a good mood and saw the pros even in the losing match. Everyone would have such optimism!
How do you generally evaluate the game and the result? With what attitude did you enter the field?
— There was a desire to make a holiday for everyone, give everyone a play, but in no case do not give in — and it, strictly speaking, was done. The account could change in either direction, the game was beautiful and open. We are first of all very pleased that such matches are held, that they are traditional and that our friends participate in them. By the result: in the second half I left the gate, and what could I expect? ;)
Played with the thought already about the World Cup? Is it possible to say that this match is preparation for “Art-football”?
— Quite to say, the first half, in which the main lineup played on the field, pleased me, because it was clear that this was a team, and not randomly collected people. The team is strong, with an understanding of the game and with ambition. The Russian artistic national football team has no way out: we must take first place in 2018.
Like the main team?
— Well, the main team — it's understandable... And the artists need to play so that at least until the championship our fans are happy.


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