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Conversations on the art-footballian: wizards of the ball Romario and Jorginho, Argentine President Mauricio Macri and the Slovakian “Mr. Olympia” — how did the art-football teams improve before the World Cup 2018 among the artists? 10.02.2018 17:25



Real celebrities from the world of football, politics and even bodybuilding decided to help their national art-football teams in preparation for the upcoming championship. According to unconfirmed information, many teams expect to draw stars to performances directly at “Art Football”... But wait for applications, but for now — the news digest of the past week!



"Mr. Olympia" in the national team of Slovakia



On the left – it's a prize for the winner of the contest of bodybuilders "Mr. Olympia". On the right sight – it's the world champion Lyubosh Malinak, who plays in the Slovak art-football team "Mufuza" ... Yes, you are not mistaken, it's the same person!



For the national team of Argentina will play... President of the country?



As you know, not only musicians and artists take part in "Art-football", but also politicians. For example, the irreplaceable player of the Russian national team is the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich. And how are our foreign friends? Similar! Look at the fresh photo from the match "Los Gauchos" - Argentina's national team for art football: with them came the President of the country Mauricio Makri!



Romario in battle — a new strength of the Brazilian national team



The Brazilian soccer team seems to be planning to come to Russia and win the World Championship among artists in 2018! The Brazilians train without interruption, holding friendly matches with the participation of such players as the legendary Romario. By the way, they invite him to Moscow to "Art-football", so maybe we will see this great striker on our lawns. In addition, the negotiations are also conducted with Jorginho, who together with Romario became the world champion in 1994.


All seriously, dear fans!



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