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The VIII-th Artists' World Championship Football. Moscow, May 25  - June 3, 2018


Holiday Digest of “Art-football”! 08.03.2018 17:05

Lovely ladies, from all our art-football community, we congratulate you on March 8! Despite the fact that our teams are made up of men, who are we without our beautiful fans, helpers and artists? Only thanks to you, “Art-football” is what it is: bright, cheerful and ardent. We wish you happiness, spring and daily victories, and also give you wonderful news!
This year, “Art-football” will try to please its viewers at once several star guests. At the invitation of famous musicians, artists and athletes all forces are thrown, and personally the president of the festival Yuri Davydov manages the process.
So, in 2018 at the football and music festival “Art-football” you have a chance to meet:
1. The Italian group Le Deva, which includes Laura Bono, won the “New Voices” of the Sanremo Music Festival in 2005 with the song Non credo nei miracoli.
2. Legend of football Ronaldinho, performing Brazilian musical hits duet with the record holder of YouTube, the famous singer Wesley Safandao.
3. Slovenian musical supergroup Rostfrajerji.
4. The star of "Eurovision"-2014 Andras Kallai-Saunders.
Friends, we are doing our best to make every festival become a real holiday for you, so we will continue to please you with excellent news about the incredible guests of “Art-football”. Follow the updates, subscribe to our social networks and come to visit us — at stadiums and concert venues. We are waiting for you!