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The VIII-th Artists' World Championship Football. Moscow, May 25  - June 3, 2018


Alekhno, Ronaldo and the TV-channel “Nash football”... News of the past art-football week 19.03.2018 14:31

The last 7 days gave us a lot of interesting art-football events! Some fans are already aware of everything, because they are subscribed to our social networks and receive the latest information 24/7. For those who prefer to learn news on the site of “Art Football” a weekly digest is ready.
The Russian team has the best support!
The winners of the contest were awarded in the office of “Art-Football”. There are the most patriotic, creative and devoted fans of Russian football: both artistic and professional. We were glad to personally meet those whose faith in the team allows our artists and athletes to achieve success.
Thank you, friends!
“Art-football” live
5 matches with the participation of the Russian national team, as well as the finals of “Art Football” will be broadcasted on the TV-channel “Nash Football”! This is great news for fans! Of course, we recommend watching football in the stands, because good spring-summer weather and the spirit of the stadium can not be conveyed on TV, but, nevertheless, we do everything to ensure that “Art-football” is always with you.
Ruslan Alekhno — for Belarus!
The popular singer and musician, the winner of the contest “People's Artist”-2004, the participant of “Eurovision 2008”, the winner of the third season of the show “One in One!”, the owner of the Order “For Contribution to the Development of Russian Culture” will support his homeland together with the football club of Belorussian stage stars “Art-Stars” at our festival.
The actor Vadim Galygin also confirmed his participation in the “Art Football” earlier, so we are sure — “Art Stars” is ready for the battle!n stage Art Stars at our festival.
Cristiano Ronaldo on “Art Football”...
Is it possible? Almost!
The Korean player was so confidently copying the Portuguese football star at the 2017 tournament that it was possible to doubt who is the parody and who is the original.
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See you soon.