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The VIII-th Artists' World Championship Football. Moscow, May 25  - June 3, 2018


The Russia must be a champion in all sports one day! 28.04.2018 23:18

Emir Kusturica, Mario Kempes, Pavel Zanozin, Viktor Zinchuk are the heroes of the departing art-football week. On the eve of the long holidays we want to share with you a traditional selection of the main news from the world of football and music. Let's go!
Ex-President of Slovakia played in a friendly match
The national team of Belarus in art-football held a friendly match against the Slovak national team, led by the ex-president of this country! The weather of the players was clearly not happy, but sunny smiles lit the stadium. Let's hope that in Russia the weather will be a little more hospitable!
Pavel Zanozin gave a forecast for “Art-football”
April 26, another training session of the Russian national football team took place. TV presenter, sports commentator and player of the Russian national team Pavel Zanozin shared his impressions of the sparring and expectations from the tournament.
Message from the legend of Argentine football
Great Mario Kempes, Argentine footballer, world champion of 1978, wished good luck to his countrymen on Mundiale among the artists of "Art-football 2018"! This video Mario recorded when he found out what a wonderful event awaits us in late May and early June. We are sure that his parting words will help the team of Argentina, and it will become a serious contender for each team.
Vivat, Kusturica
May 27 will be the second annual concert in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. This year the concert will be devoted to the director and actor Emir Kusturica. You will meet with Yuri Bashmet, Alexander Gradsky, Dmitry Malikov, Daniil Kramer, Amalie Gogeshvili, Svetlana Kasyan, artists of the Operetta Theater - Pavel Ivanov and Ivan Vikulov, Art Project "Tenor of the XXI Century", as well as dramatic artists - Dmitry Pevtsov, Dmitry Djuzhev, Marat Basharov. By tradition, opera singers from different countries take part in the concert: South Korea, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, etc.
Tickets without extra charge can be purchased at http://art-football.ru/conservatory/
Happy holiday, dear friends, and see you next week!