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Grand DJ Set in Moscow! The entrance is free 25.05.2018 14:11

Famous DJs from all over the world will gather in Moscow to rock the dance floor in the stadium "Lokomotiv" in Cherkizovo. It will happen at the football and music festival “Art-football” from May 25 to June 3.
Who is speaking?
Within a few days in the art of annealing behind the turntables will compete with real professionals.
DJ Quicksilver — May 27, 21:30
German-Turkish DJ and music producer. Multiple participant and winner of musical battles. The sound of Orhan Terzi (real name of the artist) is remembered from the first blows of the barrel, so if you have not listened to Quicksilver before, then we envy you.
We meet on Sunday evening and lit up under the drive bit!
DJ Alex Visnjakov — May 28, 20:00
Estonian MC is a dark horse of the program. His mixes are best to listen to in live, and for enjoying the effects recommended large concert space. All this will be at the disposal of the artist on Monday 28th.
DJ Ruslan Nigmatullin — May 28, 21:00
Do you want to throw out emotions after working Monday? Do you prefer a hot dance floor and a killer sound? Then in your calendar should be recorded hours of performance of one of the most powerful Russian DJs Rusalan Nigmatullin!
After a confident football career, the ex-goalkeeper of the Russian team announced his musical abilities. His first single “Symphony” instantly soared into the radio tops, Ruslan was actively invited to tour. For 8 years, DJ conducted more than 400 performances in Russia and the world and aroused great interest among foreign promoters.
Performances of Nigmatullin take place in the USA, Europe, Israel, Turkey.
And especially listeners remember his set at the opening of the stadium of “Spartak Moscow” in 2014. Must hear!
Latino Party — May 29, 20:00
The secret weapon of “Art-football” is a combined set of Latin American DJs. On Tuesday night behind the turntables there will be many surprises on the Lokomotiv. You will hear heart-rending reggae-beats and so you will feel like a guest of a real foam party at Copacabana.

DJ Rudy Lima — May 31, 20:00
A big fan of House music and a landmark in the industry DJ Rudy Lima from the Netherlands will play a one and a half hour set on May 31, and it will be unforgettable. Lima regularly gathers crowds of listeners and brings them to the state of dance ecstasy, after which I want to return to the concerts again and again.
DJ Sash! — May 31, 21:00
In the end - a star guest from Germany! German dance group consisting of Sascha Lappessen, Ralf Kappmeier and Thomas "Alisson" Lüdke. The team has been on the stage since 1995 and knows the real thing about the driver. Check it out for yourself!
About the Festival
Football and music festival “Art-football” is held 8 times. Within the framework of the event, guests will be able to visit the matches of the World Football Championship among artists, concerts of artists from more than 20 countries of the world, including superstars of the Russian and world stage, as well as enjoy exhibitions and film shows.
The full program of the festival and a free ticket for all events are available at http://2018.art-football.ru
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