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Dmitry Loskov will play for the Russian national team 26.05.2018 12:02

On May 26 at the Sapsan Arena in Moscow the Russian national team of artists will hold its first match of the group stage of the World Cup against the Slovenian team. The meeting will begin at 17:30 Moscow time immediately after the official opening ceremony of the sports competitions of the football and music festival “Art-football”. A football star Dmitry Loskov will play for Russia.
The application of the Russian national team was published a few days ago, but participation in the game of the first round of one of the leaders of the team – the ex-football player of FC “Lokomotiv” and the Russian national football team and the sports coach Dmitry Loskov remained in doubt. And only last night the coaching staff confirmed that Loskov will enter the field of the Sapsan Arena.
Last year Dmitry Loskov also played for the artistic team of Russia. The football player took part in the matches of the group stage and the playoff series, as well as in the charity game “Rosich-Starko” vs. “World Team”.
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