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World Football Championship among artists started in Moscow 26.05.2018 21:16

On May 26, at the Sapsan Arena in Moscow the grand opening ceremony of the VIII World Football Championship among artists, which was held as part of the soccer and music festival Art-Football -2018, took place.
The event began at 17:00 Moscow time and preceded the first match of the Russian national team in the tournament against the Slovenian team. Before the audience gathered in the stands, the song and dance ensemble of the Russian Army named after A. V. Aleksandrov performed, followed by welcoming speeches by the festival officials.
Chairman of the organizing committee of the FIFA World Cup 2018, president of the sport club “Rosich” Arkady Vladimirovich Dvorkovich:
— Welcome to Russia, in Moscow! We again gathered to please the fans, to please everyone who loves football, music and how they fit together. Before the start of the World Cup, there are less than 20 days left, and every day for all gold. Getting ready! Here - at the stadium "Locomotive" - ​​will be located training base of the judiciary. This is a very responsible place. We are waiting for hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world and expect that our fans will be hospitable in all the cities hosting the tournament. And on the eve, here, we will play. Let's show a gambling, interesting game and bring joy to people. Thanks to all the teams, players, partners, media and fans in the stands. Hooray! Together we will continue good deeds within the charitable part of our festival.
The organizer of the festival, the president of the football club “Starko” Yuri Nikolaevich Davydov:
— We can be proud of the fact that in not the easiest times for Russia, the best artists from all over the world come to visit us, and they know for sure that only cordiality, hospitality, music and football are waiting for us here. And football, music and charity are the components of the very beauty that will save the world.
Ambassador of the FIFA World Cup 2018, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in figure skating Ilya Averbukh:
— It is important that today there are so many guests at “Art-football”, because all of us are one big team! Our main victory is that we are all together. Well, on the field let the strongest win. Good luck to all!.
The head of charitable programs and the chairman of the fund “Under the flag of kindness” Natalia Davydova:

— Many thanks to the teams for their solidarity in carrying out charity programs, for taking the time to come to the children in a busy schedule, because everything good in this world we do for the sake of children. And the green field "Locomotive" since 2005 takes the all-Russian charity action "Under the flag of good". Thank you for helping the children.
The World Football Championship among artists is held for the eighth time. This year, spectators will be able to support national teams in the stands from May 25 to June 3.
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