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The Artists' World Championship Football. Moscow, June 8  - June 16, 2018


Igor Silchenko: “Doesn’t matter who. We are tuned to any opponent” 29.05.2018 15:13

Striker of the Russian national team in art-football, actor of theater and cinema Igor Silchenko shared his emotions after the strong-willed victory of his team over the champions of last year — the national team of Kazakhstan.
— Russia was not easy in this match. How could you reverse the course of the game?
It was very difficult to play. Before the missed goal we had a hard time, and when Kazakhstan opened the scoring it became quite difficult. But thanks to the efforts of all without exception, the team had a good pass of Alexei Baratz, with whom, it so happened that the ball hit my head, and from it — into the opponent's goal. So we broke the course of the game.
— Kazakhstan is the champion of last year. How did you prepare to play with them?
Of course, we knew that they were champions, watched yesterday their last games, including the tournament in 2017. In principle how to play it was clear. We knew that they have a good defense and a good center of the field, and we have surpassed them a little with team play and spirit.
— Did you feel the difference between the games with Slovenia and Kazakhstan?
With Kazakhstan it was harder, despite the fact that we started the match better, had some good moments that could not be realized. In my opinion the national team of Kazakhstan is somewhat stronger than the Slovenian team, but, again, our team is very balanced, and we are tuning to any opponent — no matter who plays against us.
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