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May 29, Tuesday — results 29.05.2018 14:15

We invite you to actively follow the progress of the VIII World Football Championship among the artists of the soccer and music festival “Art-Football”-2018!
In order to free access to the stands of the Sapsan Arena and to feel the atmosphere of these international matches, it's enough just to download a ticket and print it.
Also you can watch online broadcasts of games that are always available to you on the site.



The following matches were scheduled for Tuesday 29 May:



Gruop В:


Italy 4:0 Peru


Goals of Peru:

16 min., Cesar Riega

30 min., Martin Hidalgo 

43 min., Jimmy Andrade

56 min., Martin Hidalgo


Romania 1:0 Argentina


Goals of Romania:

17 min., Ciobanu Andrei Dan



Group D:


Germany 4:8 Inter


Goals of Germany:

12 min., Kubuku

18 min., Anthony Mroschek

47 min., Daniel Milovanovic

49 min., Matthias Zimmerling


Goals of Inter:

2 min., Dani

10 min., Mehdi Salehpour

13 min., Dani

14 min., Mehdi Salehpour

21 min., Dani

43 min., Mehdi Salehpour

46 min.. Christian Karsa

69 min., Mehdi Salehpour


Serbia 1:0 Korea 


Goals of Serbia:

16 min., Danijel Cehranov

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