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Alexander Hleb will play for Belarus in a match with Russia 30.05.2018 12:39



A living legend of Belarusian football, the current player of the BATE club Alexander Hleb will strengthen the Belarusian national football team in the decisive match of the group stage of the VIII World Football Championship among artists with the Russian team.


Alexander Hleb is the best football player of Belarus in the modern history of the country. He played for the strongest European clubs – the German Stuttgart, the English Arsenal and the Spanish Barcelona.


Awards and achievements of Alexander Hleb:


– Five-time champion of Belarus;

– The owner of the cup Intertoto: 2002;

– Champion of Spain and the winner of the Cup of Spain of the season 2008/09;

– Winner of the UEFA Champions League 2008/09;

– The owner of the Football League Cup 2010/11.


– The best footballer of the Republic of Belarus: 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008;

– The first Belarusian football player who won the UEFA Champions League (in 2009 in Barcelona);

– The first Belarusian football player who played in the final match of the UEFA Champions League (in 2006 in Arsenal);

– Best Assistant to the Bundesliga: 2004/05;

– The best player of the month in Arsenal: August 2005;

– Winner of Alexander Prokopenko's BelSwissBank trophy in the nomination ”For football talent and dedication in the game for Belarus”: 2004. 


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