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May 31, Thursday — results 31.05.2018 18:20

We invite you to actively follow the progress of the VIII World Football Championship among the artists of the soccer and music festival “Art-Football”-2018!
In order to free access to the stands of the Sapsan Arena and to feel the atmosphere of these international matches, it's enough just to download a ticket and print it.
Also you can watch online broadcasts of games that are always available to you on the site.



Group В:


Italy 2:8 Romania


Goals of Italy:

24 min., Andrea Miklowacha

59 min., Thomas Grazioso


Goals of Romania:

7 min., Dumitrache Cristian

13 min., Nae Decebal Gabriel

17 min., Butufei Vladimir Angelin

21 min., Nae Decebal Gabriel

28 min., Nae Decebal Gabriel

30 min., Nae Decebal Gabriel

31 min., Dumitrache Cristian

56 min., Cirtu Alexandru Tiberiu


Argentina 4:1 Peru


Goals of Argentina:

24 min., Jose Luis Calderon

26 min., Santiago Andres Giorgietti

31 min., Roberto Luis Trotta

65 min., Juan Ignacio Marconi


Голы Перу:

12 мин., Augusto Dufer



Group D:


Korea 6:2 Germany


Goals of Korea:

6 min., Sim Haneul

20 min., Ahn Woosol

39 min., Yoon Kyoungsik

42 min., Sim Haneul

43 min., Song Habin

44 min., Song Habin


Goals of Germany:

49 min., Kubuku

54 min., York Strempel


Inter 0:2 Serbia


Goals of Serbia:

8 min., Vuk Popovic

59 min., Miodrag Andjelkovic

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