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The Russian national team will play in the finals of “Art-football” 01.06.2018 22:00

On Friday night at the Sapsan Arena was a real holiday of football. The Russian national team defeated Serbia 2:0 in the semifinal match and reached the final of the VIII World Championship in art football. In the decisive meeting of the Russian team there would be Romania, which has not experienced difficulties in the fight against Britain.
Deserved Soviet and Russian football player Viktor Bulatov shared his emotions:
— For Russia this was the fourth game, and at this stage all the rivals are very strong, Serbs are no exception. They have a team of true professionals. Therefore, the match was an equal game, and a designated penalty, of course, controversial — at the discretion of the judge. In my professional career, I've only scored one penalty, so I can not say I did it by experience. But for so many years the technique has been worked out, that's why, as they say, you will not drink skill. A high-level player should not make mistakes in such moments. The match itself was very exciting. And if the playing professionals do not see any tension, then the rest of the guys, the artists, were very worried, but now they are very happy about the success.
The final of the football championship of the festival “Art-football” will be held June 3 at the stadium Sapsan Arena in Cherkizovo.
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