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Announced the preliminary composition of “Rosich-Starko” for the match with the World Team 02.06.2018 19:03

Announced the preliminary composition of "Rosich-Starko" for the match with the World Team:
Dvorkovich Arkady Vladimirovich: co-chairman of the board of the innovation fund "Skolkovo", chairman of the ANO "Organizing Committee" Russia-2018".
Novak Alexander Valentinovich: Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.
Oreshkin Maxim Stanislavovich: Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
Gulyaev Nikolay Alekseevich: Head of the Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow.
Konov Dmitry Vladimirovich: Chairman of the Board of PJSC "SIBUR Holding".
Podguzov Nikolai Radievich: Director General of FSUE Russian Post.
Averbukh Ilya Izyaslavich: TV presenter, world and European champion in figure skating.
Davydov Yuri Nikolayevich: musician, composer, leader of the group "Zodchiye", co-organizer of the festival "Art-football", president of the football club "Starko", organizer of the action "Under the flag of Good!".
Semin Yuri Pavlovich: head coach of FC "Lokomotiv Moscow".
Dmitriev Viktor Petrovich.
Chesnokov Artem.
Shestakov Ilya Vasilyevich: Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries.
Vikulov Ivan: the soloist of the theater "Moscow Operetta".
Ivanov Pavel: the soloist of the Moscow Operetta Theater and the Moscow Musical Theater.
Belotserkovsky Dmitry: the actor, the TV series "The Eighties".
Alyoshkin Alexander: actor of the theater "Commonwealth of Taganka Actors".
Zapashny Edgard: world-famous trainer, circus artist.
Bulatov Victor: a veteran of football, three-time champion of Russia in football in the "Spartak".
Alaev Alexander: General Director, Secretary General of the Russian Football Union.
Katkov Vitaly: Vice-rector for concert activities of the Moscow Conservatory.
Yarushin Valery: musician, composer, leader of VIA "Ariel", Honored Artist of Russia.
Irakli: the singer, the radio host.
Alex Baratz: actor, director, screenwriter, "Quartet I".
Minaev Sergey: a singer and a musician.
Grebenshchikov Mikhail: DJ, TV presenter.
Bogomazov Igor: artist, ex-band "Otpetye scammers".
Loskov Dmitry: football veteran, midfielder, two-time Russian champion in football in the "Lokomotiv".
Majdanov Denis: songwriter, composer, poet, actor, music producer.
Romario: the author and performer, the group "Romario".
Melnik Igor: soloist of the group "Demarche".
Pierre Narcissus: actor, showman.
Sibirtsev Dmitry: director of the theater "New Opera".
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