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Art Football Digest: Special Issue from Peru 24.04.2019 17:17


The past days were marked by a flurry of news from Peru, where the local team of art-footballers, the future rivals of the Russians in the group, are actively preparing for sports competitions and concerts. Details further in our digest.

“Art-football” on Peruvian TV

Representatives of the country's national art-football team visited the famous Peruvian host Carlos Cacho (Exitosa TV). Talented heroes did not lose their head and supplemented the image of fashionable Carlos with a medal with a Russian tricolor. The very same issue was devoted to the 2019 festival. So, if you are familiar with the languages ​​of the Latin group, enjoy it:
Training every day

Visitors from far away Peru were very serious about getting into the same qualifying group with Russia. The training process was strengthened, and as a friendly “intimidation” video reports about training began to come to our editorial office. One of them we share today. Who do you think will be the winner of the match Russia vs. Peru?
Who will have more spectators at the concert?
Artists always argue about this on the sidelines, but sometimes they hint openly. Friends from Peru rehearse with might and main, as evidenced by the secret video from their performances. Bright and hot, and will be — even hotter. We look forward to Peruvians with impatience!
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