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Representing artists from Slovenia! 16.05.2019 12:46

This year Slovenia is bringing to us not only a powerful footballers, but also the maximum star team of musicians!


Miro Todosovski — singer



An extraordinary singer. His interpretations ruin the walls. Pop and rock icon. This year's Balkan Oscar for the most popular singer. He didn’t win the first place in the list of listeners and journalists in all countries: Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo.


Miha Guštnin Gušti — composer, singer



Miha is a legend of the Slovenian rock. She has been a leg member of the greatest hits. In recent years, his music has been accustomed to many films. Lately, his music appears in many films. Also, his singles reach the peaks of all musical charts.


Omar Naber — singer, composer



Omar Naber is one of the best Slovenian singers of all time. Twice he represented Slovenia on a song for Eurovision. All his albums are out of stock. Recently, he has become increasingly acclaimed as a composer.





The duet, composed by Peter Pešut (the son of an extravagant singer Magnifico, who also performed at the Moscow stage), Slovenian music scene. The popularity of BRUDAZ is growing up. Their concerts are sold out. And full of surprises.

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