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Starco FC 3:1 Amcal FC 29.05.2019 17:55


A friendly match between “Starco” and “Amkal” teams was held at the Krasnaya Presnya Stadium on May 28. The meeting ended with a score of 3:1 in favor of nominal owners.


Throughout the match “Starco” players, who are the basis of the Russian Art-Football team, owned a territorial and gaming advantage. The scheme traced the installation to work on the wings: all 3 goals were scored after winger's crosses, which successfully closed the players attack. Toward the close of the meeting, the players of “Amkal” earned and successfully realized a penalty by setting the final score.


The overall impression of the “Starco” game is positive. One feels the physical and tactical readiness of the team for the upcoming tournament. We hope that our players will adequately play for the national team and achieve the best results at the World Championships.

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