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Thomas Grazioso: “I love to do good things for people” 10.06.2019 17:26


Tomas Grazioso, a popular Italian singer, a favorite of the Russian public and a dear friend of Art-Football, told us about his goals, about love and gave a modest assessment of the festival:


— For me this is the third time when I become part of the great family of “Art-football” (I'm also talking about the winter project “Art-football-Russia”). I definitely feel that this holiday is a part of me, and I always strive to give all my best. It was a great honor for me to win the award of the best singer at the last festival, and this year I try even harder.


All of us, artists, from year to year get to know each other better, meet with great pleasure and of course share our musical and life experience. There is no Italian team this year, but I still hope to play in one of the matches for the international team!


I'm coming back because I want to continue to develop and always offer “Art-football” my support. I love Russia, I love music and sports, but first of all I love to do good things for people who may be have been a little less fortunate than us. I congratulate the whole organization of ”Art-football” because it is impeccable!

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