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Is Argentina on the way to the final? 13.06.2019 16:19


Argentina's national team is a frequent and favorite guest at the International Football and Music Festival Art-Football. Each time the Argentines set themselves serious goals for both the festival and the sport programs.


This year, Los Gauchos is extremely successful in the group stage fo the IX World Football Cup among artists: two wins in two games, 5 goals and 1 ball conceded, victory in a derby with Paraguay and a confident first place in the group before the final match with Belarus. This is an application for prizes, isn't it?


Recently, Argentine art-footballers collectively shared their mood with us:


— For the first time in history we win the first two matches in the tournament! And this is our fifth participation in the “Art-football”. We are very pleased that we are in the first and the strongest four countries. In the last match we beat Paraguay. It was a very audacious match! Paraguay has a very good team, technically and physically strong, but we are also very well prepared for the competition!

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