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Leo Ihenacho: “We believe in our strengths!” 14.06.2019 17:41


Congratulations on winning the last match in the group. How will the UK match in the playoffs?


— I think everything will be cool! This year we have a very unlucky tournament due to the fact that we have few players, but I am sure that the team will be able to win the remaining matches.


Yesterday Roddy Lemba finally scored. Great hat trick!


— Yes, that is right! He is very happy, and in order to go on like this, we have to win again and again.


The second semifinal of All Stars is a match between Belarus and Serbia. Who do you think is stronger?


— Honestly I do not know. We especially did not watch their matches. The whole team is trying to focus on our own game, because we believe that if we use our strengths, we will win. Perhaps Serbia will beat Belarus, because now many teams are tired and anything is possible.


What can you say about the match between Russia and Iran?


— This is a very good match. Iran is playing from defense, we can say that they have 9 people behind. And this is a very effective tactic. True, you need to keep in mind that Iran did not have time to rest, and the team will play on long balls. And they are ready for it. If Russia wants to win, then it must play their game, but more effectively.

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