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Changing the results of the match United Kingdom vs. Israel 16.06.2019 11:30


On June 15, 2019, a meeting of the organizers of the 9th World Cup among Artists was held, during which decisions were made to change the results of the UK-Israel match in connection with the identified violations of the Tournament Regulations. During the meeting, 2 episodes of the above match were reviewed:


1. Violation by the Israel team of the number of former professional footballers allowed by the Rules at the same time.

2. Aggressive play and undisciplined behavior on the part of the Israeli team player Meir Tamam (No. 32).


Under paragraph 1, it was decided to change the result of the match Great Britain vs. Israel by 3:0 in favor of Great Britain, while retaining the authorship of the heads of both teams (with the original score of 3:3) and taking them into account in the top scorer rating.


Under paragraph 2, it was decided to disqualify the player of the Israeli team Meir Tamam (No. 32) until the end of the tournament and to withdraw from participation in further World Championships among artists for aggressive and rude play, as well as disrespectful attitude to opponents.

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