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Yury Davydov to "Art-football" family 08.04.2020 14:33

Yury Davydov to

Dear friends,

Members of our big and beautiful family under the banner of "Art-football".

Today it’s quite clear to all, in this year of our Jubilee, our tenth Festival, which we waited for so long and was going to be a spectacular event, sadly is not going to happen.

We are paying very close attention to present day developments, and dependent on this, "Art-football 2020" will potentially be held In August or September 2020, or in the worst case scenario, in 2021.

Of course that would be a very sad and unfortunate circumstance.

At the same time, to call it a sad situation is not subjective, in consideration of the daily suffering we see of mankind today with countless thousands of sick people all over the world and countless loss of lives.

Most importantly for us is to wish each other good and endearing physical and mental health, and and also wish for the world to return back to a normal way of life.


In conclusion allow me to end this with my customary joke.

In today’s world exists 2 things which can make us forget about money, our careers, our wealth and other material gains...

That is Coronavirus and "Art-football"!

But Coronavirus will eventually go, and "Art-football" will still be here with us...

We live to fight further and strive for a better future...


Yours Yuri

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